Roberts lamilay XP underlay is a superior quality, closed cell physically cross linked polyolefin foam, with twin skin and plastic film.

lamilay xp

Width of roll:      1m

Length of roll:    50m

Thickness:           2mm

Covers: 50m2

Vapour permeance:       Meets the requirement of AS2870-2011


Kronotex Scotia is the perfect finish for your laminate floor. Scotia is a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting. It is fixed to the skirting board and over the top of the flooring around the perimeter of the wall.

Size is 2400 x 16.5 x 16.5mm. Available in 22 colours.

Reference Guide

Range nameColour nameColour codeScotia code
Exquisit Stirling Oak Medium D2805 55-D2805
Exquisit Whitewashed Oak D2987 55-D2987
Exquisit Tuscany Walnut D3070 55-D3070
Exquisit Prestige Oak - Dark D4168 55-D4168
Exquisit Prestige Oak  - Light D4169 55-D4169
Exquisit Nostalgie Teak D4170 55-D4170
Exquisit Nostalgie Teak Graphite D4171 55-D4171
Exquisit Oak Hella D4754 55-D4754
Exquisit Alto D4760 55-D4760
Exquisit Pettersson Oak Beige D4763 55-D4763
Exquisit Pettersson Oak Grey D4765 55-D4765
Exquisit Gala Oak Grey D4786 55-D4786
Exquisit Plus Rift Oak D3044 55-D3044
Exquisit Plus Village Oak D4164 55-D4164
Exquisit Plus Palace Oak Dark D4767 55-D4767
Exquisit Plus Gala Oak White D4787 55-D4787
Dynamic Cutter Oak D2450 55-D4164
Dynamic Stockholm Ash D3007 55-D4787
Dynamic Bough Pine D4163 55-D4786
Dynamic Luxury Oak Silver D4155 55-D2987
Dynamic Fjord Oak D4703 55-D2805
Dynamic Barrow Oak D4781 55-D4763
Amazone Sibirian Spruce D2967 55-D2967
Amazone Prestige Oak White D3239 55-D3239
Amazone Harbour Oak Grey D3572 55-D3572
Amazone Montmelo Oak Silver D3662 55-D3662
Amazone Oak Dezent D3668 55-D3668
Amazone Pettersson Oak Dark D4766 55-D4766