How to keep your laminate flooring looking like new

Besides being exceptionally hygienic, KRONOTEX laminate floorings are quite easy to keep clean and in good condition. Here’s a guide:

Prevent soiling and wear

Whilst laminate flooring can be cleaned with minimal effort, it’s even better to prevent it from being soiled and worn in the first place. Attach small felt glides to the legs of chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture that are frequently moved to avoid scratches and scuff marks. If you have swivelling chairs mounted on casters, make sure that the casters are of soft rubber (the kind sold for hard floors). Heavily used areas, like in front of desks, can also be protected with chair mats, which come in a variety of types and colours including transparent. It is also advisable to put a foot mat at the front door and lay dirt trapper barrier mats or runners in hallways.

If, despite all your precautions, your laminate suffers minor damage such as scratches, click here to learn how to fix it.

Sweeping, vacuuming and wiping laminate floors

It’s easy to remove coarse debris or dirt such as sawdust from installing the floor using a soft broom or a vacuum fitted with a suitable tool for hard floors. However, as sweeping tends to stir up dust, we recommend vacuuming. To clean off residues and dirt that adhere to the floor, as well as marks left by rubber-soled shoes and furniture, wipe with a damp cloth.

It’s important that the cloth isn’t too wet; it should only be slightly moist so that the floor will quickly dry again afterwards. Too much water isn’t good for laminate. If anything ever spills on the floor, clean it up right away! Try to wipe lengthwise along the panels. There is no need for any additional treatment.

Suitable cleaning products for laminate flooring

Clear water is enough in most cases. If you want to use a cleaning agent, however, use one that is as mild and gentle as possible. Aggressive products will damage the laminate. Special laminate cleaners are suitable. Avoid products that contain wax or soap, as they leave unattractive streaks.

Ideal ambient conditions for laminate flooring

The best ambient conditions for laminate are a temperature of 20° to 22°C and relative humidity of 50-60%. A bit more or less than this isn’t a problem – these values naturally fluctuate in any case. But if the relative humidity persists at a significantly higher or lower level, we recommend purchasing a dehumidifier or humidifier as the case may be. Besides being good for the laminate, it also creates a healthier, more pleasant indoor climate.

Summary of how to care for laminate flooring:

  • Remove loose dirt and debris with a soft broom or vacuum.
  • Use a moist cloth to clean off sticking residues.
  • Wipe parallel to the panels’ long sides.
  • Use a special-purpose laminate cleaner to get rid of stubborn dirt.
  • Place felt glides under furniture legs.
  • Use soft rubber chair casters.
  • Lay dirt trapper mats or runners at the front door and in hallways.
  • In commercial establishments, use barrier mats, runners etc. to create walk-off zones.

To download Care & Maintenance guide Click here.