Kronotex For Homes

Kronotex Distributed By AFS

Kronotex Laminate Flooring + Homes

Kronotex laminates are made for living. Hard-wearing and durable, they are perfect for busy Australian homes. Featuring abrasion ratings from AC3 to AC5, they are so sturdy they will maintain their beauty under the rigours of family life. Kronotex laminate floors are low-maintenance and are both abrasion and scratch resistant, making them the perfect hard-wearing choice for households with pets and children.

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MAMMUT Makro Oak Nature

Luxury is the motto of MAMMUT. Boasting 12mm thick boards, MAMMUT laminate flooring feels and sounds so solid underfoot it is indistinguishable from hardwood floors. The authenticity of the range is amplified by its impressive wood grains across five warming colours.

  • Registered embossing and a matt finish encourage tactile exploration
  • Featuring extra-long boards with micro-bevel edges, MAMMUT creates spaces characterized by elongated elegance
  • Boasting an AC5 abrasion rating, MAMMUT will maintain its beauty under heavy traffic



MAMMUT PLUS Makro Oak Grey

Dramatic dimensions define MAMMUT PLUS, an exciting and premium range of laminate flooring featuring boards that are both extra-wide and extra-long.

  • 10mm thick boards with an AC5 abrasion rating
  • Five stunningly realistic colours with registered embossing



Exclusive to Carpet Court

AMAZONE Sibirian Spruce

Graceful. Stylish. Effortless. AMAZONE is a premium 10mm thick laminate. With an AC5 abrasion rating and a Use Class of 33, AMAZONE is so sturdy it will maintain its beauty even in heavy-traffic commercial spaces making it a hard-wearing choice for homes.

  • Featuring long and narrow boards, an AMAZONE floor oozes with elegance
  • Matt finish for extra longevity
  • Micro-Bevel edges for added definition
  • Registered embossing, plus a range of sophisticated surface structures harness the beauty of timber




Featuring extra-wide boards, EXQUISIT PLUS creates a sense of spaciousness when installed in smaller spaces. Boasting an AC4 abrasion rating, EXQUISIT PLUS is robust enough for both residential and average commercial use.

  • 8mm thick boards with a matt finish for extra longevity
  • Micro-bevel edges complement the extra-wide boards by adding definition



EXQUISIT Nostalgie Teak

Embossed with an authentic grain structure, the boards within EXQUISIT will fill your space with a warm, natural atmosphere. Featuring 12 colours, EXQUISIT is the largest Kronotex Distributed By AFS range.

  • An AC4 abrasion means EXQUISIT is sturdy enough for both residential and average commercial use
  • 8mm thick boards with micro-bevel edges
  • Features a range of embossed surfaces including registered emboss and used-look



DYNAMIC Bough Pine

Lively and evocative, DYNAMIC features a unique variety of patterns and hues. This range of 8mm laminate boards is the only range within Kronotex Distributed by AFS featuring square edges. The benefits of square edges are twofold: they create a sleek, seamless finish; they trap less dust and dirt than micro-bevel edge laminate floors.

  • 8mm thick laminate boards
  • Square edges for a seamless finish
  • Boasting an AC4 abrasion rating, DYNAMIC is robust enough for both residential and average commercial use
  • Features a mix of both 1-strip and 2-strip designs



Exclusive to Carpet Court

SUPERIOR Trend Oak Grey

Affordable and stylish, SUPERIOR provides the beauty of hardwood floors without the hefty price tag. Featuring an AC3 abrasion rating, SUPERIOR is strong enough for both residential and moderate commercial use.

  • 7mm thick boards
  • Micro-bevel edges for added definition