Kronotex Surface Structures

AMAZONE Oak Dezent


Textures encourage tactile exploration and evoke a sense realism. This is why the texture of a laminate floor is just as important as colour when it comes to creating beautiful, inviting spaces. However, understanding the differences between the different surface structures or finishes can be difficult. This guide is designed to dispel any confusion and help you select your floor with confidence.

Read on to discover more about the cutting-edge surface structures which feature in the premium laminate flooring range, Kronotex Distributed By AFS.


A textured surface layer matches perfectly with the pattern of the grain beneath it to create a beautifully realistic surface that is difficult to distinguish from hard-wood floors. RE, also known as Emboss in Register, is captivatingly realistic.

Because of its realism and beauty, RE is the most used surface structure throughout the Kronotex laminate flooring ranges. RE dominates all of the boards within the premium MAMMUT and MAMMUT PLUS ranges.

Registered Emboss (RE)


An advanced technique which uses the contrast between matt and gloss finishes to create depth and mimic the deep grooves of wood grains. Kronotex utilises the MX surface structure on laminate boards featuring heavier wood grains to enhance the character of the boards.

MX features on the following Kronotex colours:

Matrix (MX)


A shine effect is added to the grain pattern to play with light and add depth to the floor’s finish. While CP adds depth to laminate boards, it doesn’t create the appearance of deep grooves like the MX surface structure (above) does.

CP features on the following Kronotex colour:

 Chrome Pore (CP)


A decorative finish that mimics the weathered look of well-loved hard-wood floors to create a beautifully realistic used look. UL creates a lightly stripped back effect for rustic-look laminate boards, like the effect seen on EXQUISIT’s Oak Hella (D 4754).

 Used Look (UL)


A highly detailed finish that results in a vivid and natural wood texture. AF features on Kronotex boards that display complex wood grains, characterised by smaller, finer and more densely concentrated grain lines.

AF features on the following Kronotex colours:

Authentic Floor (AF)