Laminate Decors and Panel Formats, Skilfully Combined

Light or dark surfaces? Trendy grey or warm brown hues? A plank or tile look? Or maybe both? They won’t always be mutually exclusive: sometimes, seeming opposites can be combined to interesting and attractive effect.

People have been playfully and imaginatively experimenting with wall colours for a long time. There’s nothing new about combining hues on walls to give each part of your home a different look and personality. The same principle can also be excellently applied to floors. And laminate flooring offers plenty of opportunities to put diversity underfoot by mixing colours and/or decors.
Generous layouts and open spaces are more popular than ever. They are typically organised into different zones: for example, you might have a dining area and a comfortable sitting corner with a sofa and armchairs, and perhaps also an integrated kitchen. If these zones aren’t separated by walls, installing a different laminate decor in each one is an easy way to visually set them apart.

Combinations of Tile and Wood Looks

It’s especially popular to visually mark different comfort zones. For example, by choosing large wooden plank styles of the MAMMUT or MAMMUT PLUS collection for a living area and a tile decor of the MEGA PLUS collection or natural stone from the GLAMOUR collection for the open kitchen. You can place two very different floor coverings directly adjacent to one another by inserting a transition profile between them.

Different Wood Decors to Visually Divide the Space

Different wood decors can also be very effectively combined. Here it makes sense not only to choose wood looks that harmonise well with one another, but also to take into account what kind of abuse the laminate floors will be subjected to and how rugged they should therefore be. A fairly robust floor is advisable beneath a dining table, as chairs will often be moved about and a plate or glass may occasionally fall off. In a living area with couch and TV, the floor doesn’t have to be as rugged, and can also be visually quite different from the décor in the eating area. This way each zone can have its own unique character.

Different Decors Installed in Creative Patterns

For the courageous: why not mix decors in the same area for a change? The snap-together system makes it very easy to connect different laminate decors of the same collection. It’s just important to make sure that the panels all have the same thickness. What works well, for example, is mixing different colour versions of the same décor: say, Rip Oak (D3075) and Rip Oak Nature (D3180) of the ROBUSTO collection. This turns the floor into a truly unique, eye-catching centrepiece.