New Floors for the New Year: the 2018 KRONOTEX Collections

Feel like a change? Why not start with your own four walls. And as the floor is the foundation, so to speak, of every interior design project, you should pay extra attention to it. The new 2018 KRONOTEX collections provide a fantastic diversity of laminate decors for you to choose from.

Sleekly straightforward or attractively grained, traditional wood decors or trendy fantasy patterns, narrow panels or wide plank formats, a glossy or used look: the new KRONOTEX decors include all of these and more, giving you the chance to give free rein to your creativity.

Besides eternally popular oak decors, we also offer rarer woods. In the EXQUISIT PLUS collection, for example, you'll find Chestnut Pinot and Chestnut Pinot, each with masterful colour accents and embossed-in-register surfaces.