Aqua Robusto

Aqua Robusto

If water resistance and load bearing capacity is a priority when choosing your floor, then AQUA ROBUSTO is the ideal choice. With a high density, 12mm thick carrier plate and added moisture protection AQUA ROBUSTO stands for maximum resistance. A floor on which you can make a lot of demands without concern and whilst retaining its original beauty for many years. AQUA ROBUSTO is so sturdy it will maintain its beauty even in heavy-traffic commercial spaces.*

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  3. Aqua Robusto

*Excludes: Areas prone to getting wet such as bathrooms, toilets and laundries.

Beanspruchungsklasse 32

Abrasion Class

Commercial 32 AC 4



Decor Properties

  • Structure


    These panels have a special surface structure.

  • Clic System

    Clic System

    A 5G snap-together system makes the flooring even easier to install.

  • V4 - all the way round

    V4 - all the way round

    These panels feature a 45° sloped edge. When they are joined together, a V-groove forms, producing a natural solid wood character. V4 – all the way round

  • Antistatic



  • Optimised Joints

    Optimised Joints

    Thicker laminate flooring panels also have thicker CLIC snap-together joints.

  • Moisture protection

    Selected Decors now with moisture protection


  • preparations
  • underlayment
  • cut-and-clic
  • special situations
  • accessories
  • care & #repair


Before installing laminate flooring, it’s helpful to keep a few basic facts in mind: the dimensions and any special characteristics of the room, available tools and materials, and the preferred thickness and structure of the flooring. You start with the #underlayment.