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Affordable and stylish, SUPERIOR offers the beauty of hardwood floors without the hefty price tag. Featuring five curated patterns and hues, SUPERIOR creates warm and inviting spaces. The range’s appeal is completed by the micro bevel edges which replicate the character of natural timber floors. The versatility and strength of SUPERIOR make it suitable for both homes and commercial settings, meaning you can indulge your creative side whilst guaranteeing practicality. Boasting an AC3 abrasion rating and a Use Class of 31, SUPERIOR is robust enough for both residential and moderate commercial use.*

  1. Superior
  2. 1 stripREAC3
  3. 1 stripREAC3
  4. 1 stripREAC3
  5. 1 stripREAC3
  6. 1 stripMXAC3

*Excludes: Areas prone to getting wet such as bathrooms, toilets and laundries.

Decor Properties

  • V4 - all the way round

    V4 - all the way round

    These panels feature a 45° sloped edge. When they are joined together, a V-groove forms, producing a natural solid wood character. V4 – all the way round


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Before installing laminate flooring, it’s helpful to keep a few basic facts in mind: the dimensions and any special characteristics of the room, available tools and materials, and the preferred thickness and structure of the flooring. You start with the #underlayment.